Initially, I gave up my car for one month for a whole lot of reasons, but primarily to see if it was possible to navigate Los Angeles, a city known for its freeways and traffic, on a bike. At the time, gas prices were nearing two dollars a gallon. I thought the price was fair, maybe even a little bit low. We were heading into a war, which clearly seemed related to an American oil addiction. And it just wasn't something I wanted to be part of. So I figured I'd try to be part of the solution instead of continuing on as another gas guzzling freak. After a month on my bike, I didn't want to get out of the saddle. Leaving the auto parked allowed me to discover the city in a new and amazing way. Suddenly, getting around town was exhilarating. Los Angeles became my playground.

I arrived at destinations sweaty and covered in city grime. And the people I came in contact with always asked a lot of questions. About routes, traffic, distances, etc. I got sick of repeating myself, so I started Saddlesore, a journal chronicling the humdrum adventures of an everyday cyclist.

Cycling is much more addictive than gasoline.