From October 16-November 6, 2016, three details of my sweaters were featured on billboards in Cincinnati, Ohio, as part of The I-71 Project, a billboard exhibition curated by Anne Thompson and Steven Matijcio and presented by the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, in conjunction with the Columbus Museum of Art.

The sweaters were originally made in 2008 for an exhibition of sweaters at the Aspen Art Museum. Each sweater used slogans from both sides of historic presidential campaigns.

"The Times are Sadly Out of Joint" was a song written for the 1876 campaign of Samuel Tilden, a Democrat, who lost to Rutherford Hayes.

"The Stakes are Too High For You to Stay at Home" was part of the famous Daisy ad by Lyndon Johnson's 1964 campaign.

"Let the People Rule" was the slogan both for Andrew Jackson, who campaigned in 1828, and Theodore Roosevelt, in 1912.