We woke up stunned, shocked, saddened, fearful. It seemed that so much we valued had been suddenly and brutally deemed irrelevant, that rights we thought were solid were threatened, and fundamental beliefs- about democracy, social justice, women's rights, the environment, science, facts, etc- were in question. The ground was shaky; it was a seismic shift.

I didn't know how to navigate this new terrain, or how to be or what to do. I gave some money to some organizations I hoped might have some idea of what to do next. Then I figured I could get some other people to also donate money by promising drawings to them if they donated $500 or more to an organization working to mitigate some of the nasty promises of the president-elect. It's an incentive to give, to give now, not to wait. 

Do you want one of these drawings? They are 12"x9," gouache on paper. Send me a receipt (Lisa.anneATme.com) and your mailing address and I'll send it along. Let me know which one you want. Some have been spoken for, but if you like them, I'll make you one special. Lisa.anneATme.com

This offer continues in this form until I'm too overwhelmed by demand, and then we'll figure out something else.