After 20 years, all 9 issues of The Casual Observer are finally available in one book!

The original issues were published on the copy machine at Art Center, because we still had the copy code and were able to go in after hours and surreptitiously copy our publication for free.

To continue the tradition, this new issue is made on the copy machine at the school I now teach at, though this time I at least brought my own paper.

The cover photograph is the one that shut down The Casual Observer. We were told to destroy the film. We went too far! But we didn't destroy the film; Daniel just hid it away and 20 years later here it is, and it barely looks scandalous.

The "...and now" back cover photo was shot by Fredrik Nilsen.

This new book version of The Casual Observer is 224 pages long, hand made, perfect bound, and includes a new introduction.