In October of 2016, I started making black and white photographs for the first time in decades. At The MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire, I was given a cabin that had a darkroom. I couldn't ignore it, I had to use it. Living in a cabin in the woods with a darkroom was a fantasy I'd had as a teenager, and some fantasies are never too late to revisit.

In a world of clouds that are not really clouds, analog photography started to present itself suddenly as crucial, as a freedom, as a reminder of the physical world, and as a less corporate choice.

After my re-introduction to the darkroom, I continued making black and white photographs. The photos on this page were made in Sweden, Vietnam, and in various places in the United States. Iā€™m not sure what to do with a stack of black and white photographs, but one thing I did was to make a deck of cards.