Casually Observing.... 20 years later! / by Lisa Auerbach

After 20 years, the collected issues of The Casual Observer is now available under one cover! I still had the original layouts, which were done in Quark XPress on a PowerBook 100 laptop computer. The images were printed to size, the corners hand cut, and pasted on cardstock. Finding the old files, saved maybe on floppy discs, would have been impossible, another win for analog! I was unable to find the originals of Number 9, The Nearly Naked Issue, so I scanned from the copies and added newly scanned negatives when possible. The result is 224 pages of workplace gossip and innuendo, 20 years in the past.

Check out The Casual Observer Twentieth Anniversary Edition at the LA Art Book Fair this weekend at Half Letter Press and Ooga Booga.