The Meow presents Asher Hartman Intuitive! / by Lisa Auerbach

We are tickled pink to announce that Asher Hartman Intuitive will be setting up shop from July 16- August 14 at The Meow.

Asher Hartman is an artist, playwright, and intuitive. His unique readings reveal the mysteries of an individual’s particular energy. If you’ve ever gotten a “good vibe” from someone, you’ve had an experience of your own with human energy fields. Now multiply that by infinity and you have an idea of how deeply Asher can tune in. His readings are profoundly observant, lovingly generous and oftentimes surprising. He helps us to understand ourselves more clearly, and for artists, he can be especially helpful in moving through creative blocks. More information about Asher can be found at:

Please join us in welcoming Asher to The Meow on Saturday, July 16, from 2 to 6 pm.
For the Grand Opening of Asher Hartman Intuitive, Haruko Tanaka will join Asher to perform free 10 minute chakra scans for visitors. Balance out your chakras before or after the reading with chaktails and crystals, and enjoy the unveiling of the tantalizing “Animals Strike Curious Poses” mural on the front of The Meow.

Regular hours for Asher Hartman Intuitive are Sundays, 1-8, with the last appointment beginning at 6:30. Readings start at $90. Appointments can be made by contacting Asher directly at